We Love the Money Teams

Posted on November 21, 2013


(Above) The Scripted team rocking our Money Team t-shirts

“The term “Money Team” was introduced to me while staying at an Airbnb in Santa Cruz. One of the guests was working at Uber, and she told me that they have a group called the “Money Team” that is a combination of finance and engineering folks. Between them, they handle things like payments/payouts, currency exchanges, accounting and financial reporting.” – @dantmurphy

Here at Subledger, we LOVE the Money Teams!

Just like the Growth Teams at companies like Twitter and Facebook are tasked with increasing user growth and scaling, Money Teams are responsible for building the systems to handle money flowing through the application at scale.

Subledger enables Money Teams to automate the accounting and financial reporting part of their commerce application, which is pretty handy when you’re doing thousands of transactions a day.

We think that the Money Team in every company are Rock Stars! So we hit up Eric at Camputee Press in San Francisco to print some sweet Money Team t-shirts with just the right amount of gold bling, and we’re thrilled to give them out to Subledger’s closest friends and customers.


  • Nic J

    Get me on the Money Team!